Awesome changes in the works!

We have some Mighty Awesome changes coming soon! Here’s a quick preview of what to expect in the coming weeks:

1. Refreshed website – This site was built really quick when we were just starting out with 1 room as the first in North County, back at our old Lake San Marcos location. It’s time for an update. The whole thing is going through an overhaul that I think everyone will find to be more lively and colorful with better descriptions and a few new things!

2. Merch – Yep, we’ll be adding some merchandise options to both the website and available to purchase in-store during your visit to Mighty Awesome.

3. Sign (finally) – Some people have commented that it can be difficult to find us when driving by. We’ve been going through the permitting process with the city of San Marcos and are finally cleared to put up our sign. It’s out for fabrication right now and should be clearly visible from the street in a couple weeks. We’re really excited for it, and hope it acts as a beacon for your escape needs in San Marcos!

4. Gift cards – yikes! Our current gift certificate system with our booking software has been less than optimal, so we’ve come up with a much better solution. Gift cards will be available for purchase in-store, with a potentially new method available for online purchase, as well. Part of our website overhaul involves looking at other booking software that we’re hoping to incorporate for a more user-friendly booking experience for everyone. Keep an eye out for more updates on this.

5. Area 51 – This is the one everyone is waiting for! Area 51 is well underway construction-wise. After a few stumbling blocks, things are finally taking shape and excitement is building here at Mighty Awesome. Our third room, Area 51, is getting closer to opening – sorry no exact date yet, but we’re shooting for the first half of December if testing goes well. While it is happening a bit later than we originally wanted, we’re working hard to make sure it’s not just open, but done right for all of you. This sometimes causes the process to take longer than originally planned, but I promise it will be a whole new experience unlike any other. I can’t give too much away just yet, but trust me it’s out of this world!! A little idea about the room – It will be a separation room (the group will be divided into 2 different rooms), the tech will be seamless and plentiful – this is Area 51, after all, and of course it will be full of challenges and fun! More to come soon, as we get closer to opening.

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