Ongoing Lockdown

We just wanted to give an update to the ongoing Coronavirus lockdown. We are still closed at this time. We also have a building owner that is being very lenient with us, but who knows how long we can count on his generosity. For the time being, however, we are still planning to reopen when it is allowed, and when we can guarantee a safe opening for all participants. This will likely mean a change in several protocols.

  1. As with most public buildings, we will be requiring the use of masks (customers must provide themselves). Employees will also be wearing them at all times.
  2. Customers must sanitize their hands prior to beginning their game (hand sanitizer will be provided by Mighty Awesome). Employees will be required to wash their hands at the start of a shift, as well as updated washings/sanitization for each customer/group encounter. Gloves will also be available for everyone playing a game (provided by Mighty Awesome, however, we cannot guarantee all sizes).
  3. All rooms, props, puzzles, etc. will be sanitized after each game.
  4. Our times for games will be spread further apart than pre-Covid, meaning we will only ever have 1 game running at a time, with plenty of time for sanitizing between games. We are still working out the details of timing and which rooms will be available.

Following our “normal” routine, we will still only be offering private games. We hope to return to business soon , and continue providing family friendly challenges that entertain everyone!

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