We just wanted to give an update to the ongoing Coronavirus lockdown. We are still closed at this time. We also have a building owner that is being very lenient with us, but who knows how long we can count on his generosity. For the time being, however, we are […]

Ongoing Lockdown

In this time of uncertainty, concerning COVID-19 (the Corona virus), we feel it’s important to be transparent and let people know what sorts of precautions we are taking to protect ourselves and our customers. Here, at Mighty Awesome Escape Rooms, we sanitize our rooms with disinfectant sprays and wipes regularly […]

COVID-19 Response

We have some Mighty Awesome changes coming soon! Here’s a quick preview of what to expect in the coming weeks: 1. Refreshed website – This site was built really quick when we were just starting out with 1 room as the first in North County, back at our old Lake […]

Awesome changes in the works!

Our new location on San Marcos Blvd is open! Currently, the Office of Professor R.K. Alogee is the only room open, but Trapped in Tinseltown will also be available in the very near future. Our new location also provides us with the space for a third room that we plan […]

Our new location is open!

Twilight in Tinseltown had a great run, but the desire to revamp a few puzzles and make something more fun for Halloween led to the need for a full-room overhaul. The end result – All new puzzles, an exhilarating new story, and a sequel that we feel actually surpasses the […]

Terror in Tinseltown is open!