Escape Rooms

Are you ready to escape life and enter a world of mystery and adventure?

Tick-tock, tick-tock… Time is running out on the 60 minute clock.  Do you have the Mighty Awesome skills needed solve the mystery and escape in time?

This is the general premise of an escape room. You and your group are prepped with a backstory and escorted into a themed room where your imagination is set free and your cognitive abilities are put to the test. Puzzles, clues, and bits of the story unfold as you attempt to solve the mystery and escape the room. If you ever wanted to channel your inner Sherlock Holmes, this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

At Mighty Awesome, we have 2 different rooms currently running, and a 3rd opening soon!

Room #1: The Office of Professor R. K. Alogee

Professor R. K. Alogee needs your help! While hunting down the discovery of a lifetime, she seems to have finally found “it.” However, her research has drawn the attention of others, and the professor has gone missing. As her interns, it is up to you to retrace her footsteps and figure out what “it” is (and where the professor is) before others show up to raid her office…

This is our oldest room. Although it does not feature any modern technology, the wide variety of logic puzzles you’ll encounter provides one of the more challenging experiences around. With a max of 8, the optimal average group size is probably 5-6 people, but can be completed by those up to the challenge in groups as small as 2.


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Room #2:  Trapped in Tinseltown!

This is the long-awaited sequel room to Twilight in Tinseltown, with all new puzzles and a Twilight Zone-esque new story.

Just over a year ago legendary Hollywood screenwriter, Moe Veeman, passed away. Following his death, his grandchildren searched his writing bungalow for Moe’s long-lost greatest screenplay, “Twilight in Tinseltown,” and they haven’t been heard from since. Evidence points toward the supernatural. According to legend, their spirits will be lost forever if they aren’t set free within a year – which is almost up…

This room features some bits of technology that blend into the environment without taking you away from the film noir themed writer’s bungalow. With a max of 6, the optimal group size is probably 3-4, while still being a fun date-night challenge for groups of 2.

Room #3:  Area 51

Opening March 2020!